⚠ Number of confirmed cases in Tayside: 2647 (06/10/20,14:00)

  • Number of confirmed cases in the whole of Scotland: 32,906 (06/10/20, 14:00)


Phase one: Remote working remains default for those who can and are needed. For the work places that are reopening, employers are to encourage staggered start times and have flexible work hours. Preparing for the safe reopening of housing market.

Phase two: Non-essential indoor non-office based workplace resume once guidance relevance is agreed. Construction sector to implement remaining stages of phased return. Relaxation of restricted house moves. Remote working remains the same as stage one.

Phase three: Working for those who can. Non-essential indoor office workplaces can open, once relevant guidance agreed, including contact centres with physical distancing.

Phase four: Working and flexible hours will be encouraged. All workplaces will open with improved hygiene and in line with public health advice.

🡆WhatsApp chatbot launched by UK government to offer individuals coronavirus information. To start receiving messages, users should send “hi” via WhatsApp to the number 07860 064422. International users can use +44 7860 064 422.

🡆 All non-essential business premises to close. For more information see the governments guidance on businesses and premises closure HERE.

🡆 Consumers asked to shop considerately.

🡆 Food shops and pharmacies will remain open.

🡆 Exams, including Highers, A levels, GCSEs, and other qualifications have been cancelled. See more information HERE.

🡆 There is no strong evidence that ibuprofen can make COVID-19 worse. However, it is advised to continue to take paracetamol to treat symptoms. See more information HERE.

🡆 £350 million fund to support welfare and wellbeing of those most affected by COVID-19, to find out more information click HERE.

🡆 2.2 billion announced for businesses as a result of COVID-19, more information HERE.

For further news on COVID-19 the UK Government news can be found HERE. The Scottish Government news can be found HERE.

For further information on COVID-19 cases in Scotland click HERE.


With everything that is happening at the moment, it is easy to only focus on the negatives. However, humans are resilient and there is still plenty of good things happening in the world. So, to make sure that you can still feel positive and bright, here is a little list of positive things happening in spite of COVID-19.

⭐More than 79,000 people around the world have recovered from COVID-19

⭐A 103-year-old woman has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after just 6 days

⭐45 volunteers from the US have taken part in the first trial of a vaccine for COVID-19

⭐Cuba has used a molecule named Interferon Alpha 2B to successfully combat COVID-19

⭐The water flowing through the canals in Venice is clear for the first time in years; fish and dolphins have been seen

⭐China have closed their last COVID-19 emergency hospital as there are not enough new cases to warrant keeping them open

⭐Italian residents have been singing from their balconies during the quarantine period

⭐A personal trainer in Spain has started a fitness class on the rooftops of an apartment complex to help quarantined residents maintain their fitness

⭐Air pollution in Italy and China has massively decreased as countries are forced into isolation during COVID-19 outbreak

⭐Penguins were allowed to roam around an aquarium in Chicago after it was locked down to the public

⭐Distilleries across the United States are making their own free hand sanitizers to give away for free

⭐A herd of 14 elephants were indulging in food and drinks outdoors in a village in Yunan while locals were practicing social distancing

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